Leader Bike Commercial Featuring Massan

Super cool commercial for Leader Bike shot in San Francisco featuring rider Massan.

Issuu Web Publishing

I am a huge fan of magazines. Nothing can replace the smell of fresh ink on the pages of your favorite magazine, but the next best thing would be a super-sleek way of browsing thousands of magazines at the click of a mouse or tap of an iPad. Issuu is a web publishing site that offers a huge… more

Yeasayer – One Video

Yeasayer “ONE” By: Radical Friend from ODDBLOOD on Vimeo.

Urbanears Headphones

Sometimes simplicity is the best option. Although I can’t help but think there was some inspiration taken from a certain very popular clothing company that takes a similar approach, I still very much like the minimalistic look of Urbanears headphones. Coming in a wide range of colors these headphones look to be totally non-branded other than the small… more


I am admittedly no fan of anime or manga, so for those of you that are please excuse me being way behind on this. This post is for those like me who wouldn’t normally watch anime and missed out on the movie Tekkonkinkreet. A friend of mine showed me this film, based on the manga Black and White,… more

Superglued Music & Events Website

There are a lot of music event and concert websites out there. Some hit the mark, and others don’t. Superglued looks like one that has hit the mark. The website has a clean and simple user interface with some really nice integration with Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. The website allows users to browse events, share events and review events… more

Late Of The Pier – Best In The Class

Late Of The Pier – Best In The Class

Late Of The PierMySpace Music Videos

New IPATH Langston

I’m not sure if it’s because I am getting older, or if that’s the way trends are moving, but either way for the past few years I have really liked very simple shoes. This new sneaker out by IPATH called the Langston falls within that category – simple but stylish. The shoes come in a grey suede or… more

Mighty Wallets

Mighty Wallets

Mighty Wallets

I have always had a thing for unique wallets. For years I have been admiring the designs done by Poketo. The ‘Mighty’ wallets done by Dynomighty Design look somewhat similar to Poketo, but they are printed on a recyclable material called Tyvek® (which they compare to an express shipping envelope). The wallets will only set you… more

Vitalic – Second Lives

Kitsuné Maison 9 Coming Soon



The latest Kitsuné Maison Compilation is due out at the end of April. This compilation is said to be much more mellow than the previous. In their words it’s “the most snuggly, peaceful, motherly Kitsuné compilation until now – soft as cotton.” Even so I am looking forward to it. It consists of tracks and remixes by artists


TheDopeFiend Version 8



Welcome to the new and improved version of TheDopeFiend! I have been gone for some months now, and I am back and better than ever. You will notice this blog has an entirely new look and some new features also. In the upper right hand corner you will notice the “Quick Fix” section. This is where quick… more

Incase Travel Dop Kit