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The “On Off” Alarm Clock

Over the past few years I have slowly gotten into the the worst habit of hitting my alarm clock snooze button a ridiculous amount of times in the morning. The people at Lexon have manufactured the “On Off” alarm clock for people like me who have trouble simply turning off their alarm and waking up. Instead of having the option of hitting a huge snooze button, and trying to find a tiny off button, the “On-Off” alarm designed by Nina Tolstrup is turned on and off by simply tilting it from side to side. The clock is super-stylish and comes in six different colors.

My Mania

Derrick Hodgson has made quite a name for himself creating his abstract, mutant little characters. Poppers, peepers, floaters, sprouts, spores, walkers, yetis and gouls are all members of the community that make up the world Hodgson has created. In October of last year the Canadian artist launched his book entitled My Mania at his solo show that took place at the well known Toronto gallery Magic Pony. The book expands on the exhibit, exploring the creative process behind Hodgson’s mad genius. So if you were unable to make it out to Toronto for the show, I recommend giving the “My Mania” book a little looksy.

City In A Bag

These city in a bag toys by MUJI are perfect for well travelled children and globe trotting individuals as well. Three popular cities (Tokyo, Paris, and New York) are immortalized in wood with emphasis on their most famous landmarks. These toys are great ways to introduce kids and kids-at-heart to the most stylish cities in the world and at the same time, double as playful, yet sophisticated home decor.

Selling Your Soul?

For the past six years I have worked as either an in-house graphic designer, or worked for small design firms. Recently I have decided to try my luck as a full-time independent freelance designer for the first time. In doing so I have sought advice from more experienced designers. One source I have found helpful is a book called How To Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul. This book gives insight into the less-glamorous aspects of graphic design not talked about as often, such as how much to charge, how to find work and how to deal with clients. There is much more to a good designer than creating pretty pictures, and this book will let you know what these characteristics are.

Aoki Jun

Aoki Jun’s motto is “to do anything that seemed interesting” and perhaps he’s already mastered it. With a chain of Louis Vuitton boutiques in Japan and New York under his architectural belt, there’s no sign of him stopping anytime soon. Combining form, function, and style in a distinctly Japanese manner (minimalism being an important keyword), he has captured a look that is distinctly his and yet he continually pushes himself to create beauty with the tools he is familiar with: concrete, wood, glass, and an imagination that is working overtime. The K House (pictured) is a personal favorite because of its sleek and modern facade that is complemented by rocky cliffs, lush greenery, and the roaring ocean below.

Milosh & The Unseen Video

Last month I posted about the new album out by Milosh which has undoubtedly been my most listened to album of the past month. Not only was the album amazing, but Milosh continues to break boundries with his new video for his track “You Make Me Feel”. The video cleverly titled The Unseen Video uses time and weather information from the viewers location to dynamically generate a new video experience everytime it is veiwed. The video has already been nominated for several awards, and even has its own Flickr Pool so you can post screenshots of your video.

Drew Flaherty is the Truth

Don’t be fooled, the fact that we share the same first name is not the only reason I find Drew Flaherty’s artwork so awesome. From his paintings, to identity work to his beautifully colored digital collages, the Australian’s work is true genius. Drew displays the quote on his website from Pablo Picasso – “We all know that art is not the truth, art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.” His work may just make you realize.

Books Actually

Books Actually isn’t just a bookstore. It’s heaven. This was one place I knew I had to go to once I arrived in Singapore. It was rather hard to find at first but I assure you, you won’t regret it. Think of it as a treasure hunt and in the end, you’ll know the hunt was worth it because everything there is so damn nice! The books are really actually worth reading and the people are actually worth meeting (puns intended). Once you go up the second floor of the shophouse where the store is located, you are teased with bits and pieces of literary foreplay. The walls are lined with paragraphs written on tape and photos of books are mounted on the wall. There is a little corner with a green chair with a dunce cap playfully awaiting customers. An army of toy soldiers are displayed on a ledge (I don’t know the literary significance of soldiers but they work) just beside the main entrance. Once you enter, everything is a dream.

Books Actually is at 125A Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068594. Look for Karen or Kenny.

Diesel’s Plus Plus Cologne

On my last trip to Los Angeles my friend LiHui shared one of her favorite fragrances with me, or rather I found it while snooping through her bathroom. After wearing Diesel’s Plus Plus Masculine cologne I had to get some for myself. The fragrance is for guys, but smells more unisex to me making it good for both guys and girls. Not only does it smell good, but the packaging is genius. I just recieved mine today in the mail and had a hard time opening the package simply because it was too cool to destroy.

Available here at

Humans by Mike Mills

For some strange reason, I cannot upload photos right now so please bear with this entry. I know things look a lot better with something visual, especially here at The Dopefiend. But right now, I’m itching for an update and I cannot wait until later in hoping that I can upload a photo.

Humans is a wonderful project by Mike Mills that has been around since last year. Nevertheless, it is never too late for me to share and tell you all about this wonderful project. The products range from t-shirts to bags to posters with a very human aesthetic to them. Behind the artworks are lessons to be learned and emotions that are genuinely very human. Mike’s art and products show us that nothing lasts forever or sometimes a dumb drawing is just a dumb drawing and that in itself is beautiful. The website also contains a blog updated by Mike himself and information on his latest film, Thumbsucker.

Ryan Waller

Ryan Waller of Thingmaking, in my opinion, is a funny man. His art is humorous, fresh, and somewhat naughty which is perhaps why I find him funny. My personal favorite is his D.I.Y. poster (pictured) and I think it is sheer genius.

For more information on Ryan Waller, check out The Drama for a short interview that discusses his artistic influences and source of inspiration among other things. His works can also be seen at the website along with his picture that never fails to make me laugh. Special thanks to my friend Caleb who told me about the talented Mr. Waller.

Prickie: Get Your Button On

Whether it be on a bag, hat or your favorite hoodie a button always makes for the perfect accessory. Prickie brings you a huge collection of button bagdes designed by a variety of talented artists. You can mix and match your orders of the handmade buttons, most of them priced at around three bucks a peice. Prickie not only sells cool buttons, but they also offer the invitation to artists to submit and sell designs of their own and make a little extra cash.

Dope Bins

Who is that weird guy in the hoodie sitting beside a trash bin? A hobo maybe? Nope, it’s design genius Philippe Starck. Mr. Starck collaborated with renowned Danish company Vipp, famous for their trash bins, soap dispensers, and other household necessities, for a benefit to generate money for the children in Mozambique who are affected by the AIDS virus.

Other artists who have personalised the classically designed trash bins include fashion royalty Agnes B. and Christian Lacroix, and Parisian design duo, Les Sismo. Believe me, trash bins never looked this good.

Fleecircus : Dreaming Big Dreams

Fleecircus is an artist from Singapore and one can see the strong Asian aesthetic in her works. Soft lines, subdued colors, and an almost mute voice that speaks depths. Fleecircus is more than just “taking pictures in city, looking hard to see things that aren’t there”. The website is filled with nostalgic polaroids and breathtaking yet equally playful graphic illustrations that depict images of lovely, fashionable ladies and quirky designed characters.

Wangs & Boobs Never looked So Cute

I first discovered Phallicmammary a couple years ago on her LiveJournal and was completely blown away. This girls skills and creativity are what street art is about. Her strange, yet somehow adorable characters of nipples, breasts and what she calls “Penis Squids” have made their way into streets across the globe. She’s not stopping there either, rumor has it she has recently made a deal with Wheaty Wheat Studios to start producing her own phallic toys. Be on the lookout for this girl, she is on the verge of blowing up bigtime.


XLR8R Adds Miami to Their Guide

XLR8R's City Guide now has Miami.

Griffin Slap Watches

Remember slap bracelets? Like those, but cooler.

Eboy’s FixPix App For the iPhone

Great puzzle game with graphics by Eboy himself.

XLR8R Atlanta City Guide

XLR8R added ATL to thier city guide. Check it out.



Hooray For Earth – Surrounded By Your Friends (Twin Shadow Remix)

Thursday, October 21st, 2010


Twin Shadow has been making some waves throughout the internets lately. I recently purchased his new album Forget, and I must say I quite like it. I am also really liking this remix he has done for Hooray For Earth, who I had never heard of before this song, but will surely be checking them out after hearing it.

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Muscles – Girl Crazy Go (Muscles Inception Remix)

Monday, October 18th, 2010


The last I heard of Muscles he had quit the music business because of problems with his label Modular. This disappointed me because I love his music. However, I was happy to see that if the rumors were true at the time he has apparently changed his mind. A new EP by Muscles titled Younger & Immature is due out October 29.

Here’s a remix of the first single from the EP ‘Girl Crazy Go’. Check out the music video for the original version here. From the sounds of it Muscles hasn’t lost his musical touch, or his ego.

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Pre-Order Younger & Immature Now


Sleigh Bells – Run the Heart (Bassnectar Remix)

Thursday, October 14th, 2010


Music by Bassnectar isn’t something I would normally post here. For the most part I feel his stuff is for dirty rave hippies, and if you read this blog at all you probably know how I feel about the wobbly bass-heavy Dubstep. That being said this remix done of Sleigh Bells‘ song ‘Run the Heart’ is still bass-heavy, but not completely overboard. It also manages to keep a lot of what makes the original track so good.

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Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette – Hello

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010


Chances are if you spend any amount of time on the internet you have heard ‘Hello’ by Martin Solveig featuring the lovely Dragonette (considering it went number one on Hype Machine). But I couldn’t resist posting this super-fun dance-pop masterpiece. It’s basically impossible not to want to dance to this song. I don’t know a lot about Martin Solveig, but from what I have heard and seen so far I am liking his stuff. Purchase the EP with several remixes on Beatport now.

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Millionyoung – Local Joke (Neon Indian Cover)

Friday, October 1st, 2010


Millionyoung, aka Mike Diaz, is shaping up to be one of my favorite artist of 2010. I really love this cover he has done of Neon Indian’s ‘Local Joke’. He adds his own personality to the song, so much that it sounds as though he could have written it. I am looking forward to a full-length album from him.