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Shalgo Wallets

I know, I know, duct tape wallets are like “so 3 years ago”. Well, that is until you see the wallets Shalgo puts out. They are taking the whole duct tape “thing” to a whole new level. The part Dutch, part American married couple started Shalgo in 2003, and are now worldwide. With products in stores throughout the U.S., Canada, Italy and Japan. Shalgo makes more than just wallets too, they also have a full line of iPod jakets as well.

Urban Counterfeiters

Back in January of this year, along with many other bloggers, I posted about Urban Outfitters blatantly ripping-off a t-shirt design of indie label Johnny Cupcakes. Well, it seems as though someone has decided to do something about situations like this. Urban Counterfeiters is a blog started to help prevent large companies from plagiarizing the work of smaller companies and indie artists. The example shown above is a design stolen by H&M, the orginal was done by Delphi, a small clothing company that is well known by designers. It’s unfortunate that companies like this claim to represent a generation and community that thrives on creativity and originality. If you are aware of other circumstances similar to this, please contact Urban Counterfeiters with your information.

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Honestly, as a designer going by the name of Toothjuice, how could your shit not be cool? Josh Clancy is a designer out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and his portfolio is full of good work. Having done work for the Plain White Tees, Hawthorne Heights and Beautiful Decay, Josh seems to be making quite the name for himself. I am particularly fond of his t-shirt designs, keep up the good work.

EIO Clothing

Despite being sicker than a dog, and feeling like I just choked down a bag of razor blades, I decided to crawl from my bed and write up a post. EIO Clothing is a London based design company that has a huge collection of awesome tees for both guys and girls. Many of their designs consist of large full-frontal prints with gradients and patterns. I really dig the color selections they use, and really like the matalic they have used on a couple of their tees like this one. Time to bust out the currency converter.

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Barracuda Boutique

My first post since I have been back from LA, sorry for my absence. It was a short trip but I managed to see some friends and check out some shops. One shop in particular that was bound to make a dent in my wallet is a small boutique on Melrose called the Barracuda Shop. From the second I stepped in the store and heard B. Fleischmann playing on the stereo I knew it was my kind of place. The shop has goods to satisfy anyone into fashion and urban culture. Carrying exculsives from labels such as Syndrome, Dim Mak, Stussy, Neckface and many more, the Barracuda Shop is a must see when visiting LA.

7600B Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
p: 323.852.7179

$10 Sale @ Sodium Apparel

Just a quick note to let everyone know Sodium Apparel is getting rid of the rest of their current designs in preparation for more limited edition designs to be released. This means the rest of the current designs are on sale for only TEN SMACKAROOS! Get ‘em while they last peeps.

Naketano Clothing

This one goes out to the ladies. Not that the guys won’t enjoy looking at Naketano’s gorgeous models, admittedly that is what caught my attention, but the clothing is even better. Head designer of the small boutique style company, Nicole Christensen, brings amazing designs and bright colors together for women’s clothing that looks super-comfy but still ultra-stylish. In the eyes of Nicole a fashion designer’s ultimate goal is to design clothing that becomes the owner’s favorite peice in their closet, with these designs I would say her goal has already been achieved.

Steven Shein VS. B/D Skull Necklace

Summer 2006 is the summer of jewelry. Sure there’s been 20-pound-iced-out-spinner-wheels-on-a-6-pound-chain kind of jewelry, but for the rest of us there’s jewelry by Steven Shein. Shein has got some really cool stuff ranging from plastic necklaces to leather bracelets. One of my favorites being the skull necklance, a collaboration with Beautiful Decay.

DimMak Clothing Collection

Last time I was in Las vegas at the Pool Tradeshow I had the chance to check out some of the samples for the new DimMak clothing line. More recently I saw the new Sounds video for “Tommy the Beat” that featured Steve Aoki, AKA Kid Millionaire of DimMak sporting one of their new hoodies. After a couple emails trying to find out where to get my hands on one I discovered DimMak doesn’t yet have an online store, but they do have a site showcasing their collection. And should soon have the collection available at Line Showroom. I want one now!

Oddica Artists Collective

Looking for your standard run-of-the-mill t-shirt company? Don’t read this post if you are, because Oddica is anything but that. Amazing wearable art on high-quality American Apparel tees by some of the worlds best artists, sure, Oddica has that (they even have a design done by Hydro74 who TheDopeFiend posted about last month). However, what really sets this tee company appart from the rest is the way they sell their products. Oddica uses a business model that benefits not only themselves but the artists as well. Every artist that is commissioned to create a design receives not only a $500 for each design, but they also share in 41% of the companies net annual profit along with many other bonuses. This is a company who really seems to care about the artist community, I applaud them.

Threadless, Adding Quality to Quantity?

I have been complaining for over a year now about the decline in quality of tees and designs at Threadless. However, with the launch of their new website they are offering what they call “Threadless Select” tees that are some of the best designs I have seen printed. With artwork by NoPattern, Aiko and Rinzen the designs immediately stood out to me. Unlike their regular tees that are printed on Fruit of the Loom (one of the main reasons I stopped buying from Threadless), the “Threadless Select” tees are printed on American Apparel. Of course the quality does not come without the cost, “Selects” are priced more than usual at $25 which is still not bad. If you are not willing to pay the extra check out the 3 day sale going on now on a bunch new tees just printed. Oh ya, and I will let you in on a little tip. If you wear a small to medium sized American Apparel tee in guys and don’t like the fit of Fruit of the Loom, try the Large to Extra Large girl tee. They print all their girl tees on American Apparel.

55DSL – I Can’t Resist

I have held of on posting about a favorite label of mine 55DSL for awhile now simply because I thought it was old news. But with the realease of their new line, and the updated wibsite I just couldn’t resist. 55DSL is a the more “action sports” minded little brother of fashion giant Diesel. I love the new designs and everything going on at their website. Started in 1994 55DSL has managed to stay comfortably below the radar in the US, with its strongest presence in UK, Japan, Italy, Germany. It’s only a matter of time before the US catches up with the others and recognizes how cool this label is.

Read more about 55DSL at the Brink Shop.

Frankie Magazine

One thing I always have to buy when visiting another country are magazines. Even if the text is written in a language I can’t read or understand, I buy it. I figured that these are way better than tacky souvenirs and at the same time, keeps me updated on the current trends and issues in that specific country.

A friend recently came back from Australia and brought with her a copy of Frankie which impressed me to no end! The layout and photographs are superb, articles are humorous and well written (personal favorite would be the one on swearing), and the current fashion/music/art trends happening down under are presented very well. Frankie deserves to be recognized internationally (or maybe it already is) along with edgy magazines such as NYLON, Tokion, Paper, Soma, etc.

Orisue Clothing

Founded in 2005, Orisue Clothing was recently featured in Urb Magazine’s “Next 100″ clothing section, and if you take a look at their first line of tee designs you will see why. Inspired largely by Japenese design the California based label aims to appeal to more than just one crowd. Orisue Clothing may not be the next Bape, but for their first line I think they have some fresh stuff.

Uniqlo T-shirt Line 2006

2006 is a big year for Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo and their t-shirt collection. With styles and designs created by big design names such as Colette, Staple Design, and Lodown, everyone should be on the look out. As a personal fan of Uniqlo, I can tell you that their t-shirts are of the best quality and their prices are more than affordable. (I even bought two of their Futura tees in black and white back in 2004.) At only 1,500 yen each, these amazing tees are a steal.


XLR8R Adds Miami to Their Guide

XLR8R's City Guide now has Miami.

Griffin Slap Watches

Remember slap bracelets? Like those, but cooler.

Eboy’s FixPix App For the iPhone

Great puzzle game with graphics by Eboy himself.

XLR8R Atlanta City Guide

XLR8R added ATL to thier city guide. Check it out.



Hooray For Earth – Surrounded By Your Friends (Twin Shadow Remix)

Thursday, October 21st, 2010


Twin Shadow has been making some waves throughout the internets lately. I recently purchased his new album Forget, and I must say I quite like it. I am also really liking this remix he has done for Hooray For Earth, who I had never heard of before this song, but will surely be checking them out after hearing it.

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Muscles – Girl Crazy Go (Muscles Inception Remix)

Monday, October 18th, 2010


The last I heard of Muscles he had quit the music business because of problems with his label Modular. This disappointed me because I love his music. However, I was happy to see that if the rumors were true at the time he has apparently changed his mind. A new EP by Muscles titled Younger & Immature is due out October 29.

Here’s a remix of the first single from the EP ‘Girl Crazy Go’. Check out the music video for the original version here. From the sounds of it Muscles hasn’t lost his musical touch, or his ego.

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Pre-Order Younger & Immature Now


Sleigh Bells – Run the Heart (Bassnectar Remix)

Thursday, October 14th, 2010


Music by Bassnectar isn’t something I would normally post here. For the most part I feel his stuff is for dirty rave hippies, and if you read this blog at all you probably know how I feel about the wobbly bass-heavy Dubstep. That being said this remix done of Sleigh Bells‘ song ‘Run the Heart’ is still bass-heavy, but not completely overboard. It also manages to keep a lot of what makes the original track so good.

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Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette – Hello

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010


Chances are if you spend any amount of time on the internet you have heard ‘Hello’ by Martin Solveig featuring the lovely Dragonette (considering it went number one on Hype Machine). But I couldn’t resist posting this super-fun dance-pop masterpiece. It’s basically impossible not to want to dance to this song. I don’t know a lot about Martin Solveig, but from what I have heard and seen so far I am liking his stuff. Purchase the EP with several remixes on Beatport now.

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Millionyoung – Local Joke (Neon Indian Cover)

Friday, October 1st, 2010


Millionyoung, aka Mike Diaz, is shaping up to be one of my favorite artist of 2010. I really love this cover he has done of Neon Indian’s ‘Local Joke’. He adds his own personality to the song, so much that it sounds as though he could have written it. I am looking forward to a full-length album from him.