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MTV Music. Wait, What?!

The people have spoken and MTV has answered, kinda. The “Music Television Network” is still not playing actual music videos on their channel, however they have done something that is almost better in my opinion. MTV Music seems to be a very nice answer to those who have been complaining about the abundance of reality TV junk that litters the channel that is known for killing the radio star. It is a simple, clean website that does exactly what it’s supposed to, makes music videos easily browsed and viewed. It’s not just recent music videos either. They have made available an enormous library of classics, new videos and videos that never would have been played on MTV anyway like The Presets, The Black Ghosts, and this live performance of “Hustler” by Simian Mobile Disco.  Props to MTV, I can see my self using this website everyday.

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Summer Heights High VS Mimobot Giveaway

In celebration of the kickoff of HBO’s new comedy series, Summer Heights High, HBO and Mimobot teamed up for this limited edition Mimobot of the character Ja’mie from the series. Summer Heights High is a peek into the life of an Australian public high-school, focusing on three characters: Mr. G, a self-important, high-strung drama teacher; Ja’mie, a haughty, private-school female exchange student spending the year at Summer Heights High; and Jonah, a delinquent, break-dancing obsessed student struggling to stay in school. Series creator and writer Chris Lilley plays all three lead roles. From the looks of the sneak-peek teasers the series has the potential to be hilarious.

TheDopeFiend managed to get its hands on a few of these Mimobots to give away to you! All you have to do is have a look at the sneak-peek videos and leave a comment on this post telling us which Summer Heights High character is your favorite. Get to it, these are limited edition 1GB Mimobot flash drives and the contest ends on November 9th!

(Sorry but US residents only)

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In Your Closet NYC

I hate Ebay. Truly can’t stand it. But In Your Closet NYC is one of the cooler websites I have seen utilizing Ebay. If you are living in New York City and have some extra stuff laying around in your closet that you want to get rid of, In Your Closet NYC will raid your closet and sell it on Ebay. It’s kind of like consignment that makes house calls. It looks like much of what they specialize in is more vintage looking clothing, but they will also sell your books, toys and more. So whether you are are looking to buy some cool shit, or live in NYC and want to sell some cool shit In Your Closet NYC has your back.

Baja VS Vans Giveaway

Want a free pair of the new Vans Dustin Dollin No Skool 2s, or how about a free pair of any new model of Vans you want? Well in celebration of the release of the new ultra realistic Baja: Edge of Control video game the creators, THQ, have teamed up with Vans and TheDopeFiend to give you just that. Baja: Edge Control is an amazingly realistic four-player split screen Baja race simulator that was released September 22nd.

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Andy Uprock’s Cuprocking

I really hate when you see one of those “why didn’t I think of that ideas”. Most of the time the best ideas are the most simple. As is the case with Andy Uprock’s “Cuprocking“. In addition to the clever name itself, the concept behind Cuprocking is genius. Unlike most street art Cuprocking isn’t vandalism. littering? Maybe. Hundreds plastic cups are simply places in chainlink fences to display different designs. Some of the designs get super intricate and must take hours to put up. Andy Uprock has “gotten up” in cities all over the world such as Tokyo, LA, Paris, London, NYC and has even gotten Mooks and Vice to sponsor his travels.

Fabulous Music Festival

Wow, as if there wasn’t already enough stuff going on Halloween weekend. The Fabulous Las Vegas Music Festival looks to be one of the best options yet. Taking place at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, the event is hosting an official Ed Banger party with Busy P, Sebastian, DJ Medhi, So Me and Mr. Flash. Also included in the line up is a live set from Crystal Castles, Felix Cartel and Heartsrevolution. I will be in San Francisco at the Part of the Weekend Never Dies Premier, but if I wasn’t this would be right up there for my next choice of events.

My Drive Thru VS Converse

Last month I began seeing Converse ads popping up in a bunch of magazines that featured Pharrell Williams, Santogold and Julian Casablancas. I, like many others I am sure, wondered what Converse had up their sleeve. On July 10th is was revealed that Converse had gotten the artists together to collaborate on a track in celebration of their 100th anniversary. The track titled “My Drive Thru” is available as a free download on Converse’s website. The website also features many other musicians that are all often talked about in the blogosphere including MGMT, Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound, YACHT, Kid Sister, Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces, Frank Carter of Gallows; Does It Offend You, Yeah?, and Sophie of Care Bears on Fire. Again this is yet another example of a company adapting to the changing digital world, creating music available for free to the listeners while still supporting the artists behind the music.

Also be sure to check out the amazing video produced by Pharrell and animated by visual effects masters Psyop. An interview with the Psyop directors is posted here.

Yewknee Summer Mix Series

Yewknee has begun the annual Summer Mix Series for 2008. While it’s only been up for less than a week there are already plenty of great submissions. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of Yewknee’s Summer Mix Series the rules are simple. Compile a mix of your favorite music that follows a particular theme or concept whether it be obscure or obvious. Then get creative and come up with some cover art for your mix, upload it to your file storage of choice and then submit it. It will then be posted along with the collection of other great mixtapes and hopefully you will go down in history as a Summer Mixtape Master. If you’d rather not submit your own mix I still highly recommend checking out some of the mixes available. You will have plenty of themed mixes to last you throughout the summer.

Intersection Magazine

I am by no means a “car guy”, which is why I was surprised when I found myself purchasing the magazine Intersection the other day. Intersection magazine seems like a hybrid of a fashion, automobiles, art, design and urban lifestyle. With very well done art direction they seem to tie everything together perfectly. It’s kind of the Dwell for the auto world.

Threadless Loves Lomography

One of the things I like about Threadless is that it’s not just a communal t-shirt site where you vote on your favorite designs, but a website and company that also supports the design/art/music community. For example, the recent “Threadless Loves” competition is in support of the massive worldwide Lomography community, and is sponsored by the Lomographic Society International. The challenge is to create a tee design inspired by the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography (found on the contest page). Up for grabs is $2,000 cash, $500 Threadless gift certificate, several different Lomo cameras and more. The contest ends July 5th so get to it.

STEREO @ Sound

This coming Wednesday (June 18th) The Sugar Rush Kids and TheDopeFiend bring you the kickoff party to our new weekly club night STEREO. STEREO is a night dedicated to bringing a whole new breed of internationally recognized DJs and bands to Salt Lake City, as well as giving local DJs the opportunity to play and gain exposure. Unlike most other weekly club nights in Salt Lake City, STEREO will feature new DJs every week, many of which have never performed in Utah. Plans are already in the works to bring out MSTRKRFT, Eli Smith and other So Sweet artists, Steve Aoki of the DIM MAK fame, and many others.

For the kickoff party Dan-oh , weekly resident at Hollywood’s DIM MAK Tuesdays, will be laying down a set that’s sure to be unforgettable. Also performing will be Salt Lake’s own Never Eat Neon and DJ Nova from Los Angeles.

If you live in SLC and you are looking for something different check out STEREO.

Every Wednesday
Club Sound
579 West 200 South
Email here for VIP list

Part of the Weekend Never Dies

I think almost every musician/artist has dreams of touring the world, playing for hundreds of thousands of people and making people lose themselves for a short time. Part of the Weekend Never Dies is a documentary about the four members of Radio Soulwax. Filmed at over 120 shows and 6 different continents Part of the Weekend Never Dies gives us a look into the touring life of a DJ/Band on the road. It also features James Murphy, Nancy Whang, Erol Alkan, Tiga, Justice, Busy P, So-Me, Peaches, Kitsuné & Klaxons in behind the scenes footage and interviews.

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Baggu Shopping Bags

More often than not the key to good product design is simplicity, with a bit of edge applied in moderation. As is the case with Baggu. These reusable shopping bags were designed to replace the paper and plastic bags you use at the grocery store. Unlike many other bags I have seen with the same idea in mind these bags are actually stylish and their colorways are awesome. Baggu bags are made from a durable rip-stop nylon and come with a handy little stuff pouch so you can keep it in your purse or man-bag. The best part about Baggu (besides doing your part to help save the environment) is the cost. One bag is $8, 3-packs are $22 and a 6-pack is only $38!

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Junior Lucky Bastard 2008

I am one of the lucky ones who’s job doesn’t suck, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to travel to exotic places doing all kinds of cool things, partying and meeting lots of cool people all on someone else’s dime. That is exactly what the winner of 55 DSL’s Junior Lucky Bastard Contest will be doing. So if your job does in fact suck, or even if it doesn’t and you want to try your hand at being the next Junior Lucky Bastard, you should check it out. Applications are submitted by making your most creative video about how you deal with your every day life. Your video must be 1:55 min in length and must be submitted by June 1st 2008. Flex those creative muscles and see if you have what it takes to be the next Junior Lucky Bastard.

Coachella Review ‘08

Surprisingly this year was my first visit to Coachella. I had not planned on going and have never been big on music festivals, but this year I made a spontaneous decision to drive down with some friends. The line-up this year included a lot of acts I was excited to see, most of them electronic performers. I had many expectations as to who would blow me away, who would be okay, and who would most likely let me down. For the most part I would say my expectations where all proven to be wrong. Here is the rundown on my Coachella experience and on the performances I saw.

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Okay, admittedly I actually didn’t expect to be blown away by Justice, it was more of a hope. I had seen a DJ set by Justice before In Hong Kong and enjoyed it greatly, but it didn’t quite live up to the hype. Their performance at Coachella lived up to the hype and surpassed it by a long shot. I would go so far as to say it was the best performance I have ever seen. The set was compiled of live remixes of their songs, and also what seemed to (hopefully) be previews of some new tracks to come. The stage set, lights, sound, everything was perfect. The only downfall to the experience was the lack of some people’s enthusiasm in the crowd. I will never doubt Justice again.
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Simian Mobile Disco
I wasn’t sure what to expect of Simian Mpbile Disco’s performance. I had seen videos of how the make their music live, circling around mostly analog instruments tweaking knobs. The show started out a bit slow for me, but by the time the build up to Hustler was being played it was totally on. This performance would probably rank in my top 3 performances of this year’s line-up, I was totally blown away.
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Boys Noize
Surprisingly it was the smaller, daytime DJ events that had the best vibe. The crowd at these events seemed to be there specifically for the DJ and the music. Boys Noize has impressed me remix after remix, consistently releasing good tracks. I was then even more impressed when he released his full length album Oi Oi Oi last year. I had high expectations of Boys Boize and they were fully met.
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Holy F*ck
Holy F*ck has never made a big impression on me before this performance. I have had a hard time sitting down and listening to more than just a few tracks of theirs at once. The live performance by these guys completely shocked me, it is truly live electronic music. The way they sample and loop their music is amazing. I highly recommend seeing them.

Kid Sister, A-Trak & Flosstradamus
It is good to see people making fun, dancey, silly, good hip hop. Kid Sister’s performance was pure entertainment. It was fun, light and her music is made for partying. Opening for Kid Sister was the world famous A-Trak who was not surprisingly fantastic, and backing her up was Flosstradamus. I had expected the show to be good, but I was surprised at how good it really was. I would put this performance in my top 5 at Coachella this year.
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Hot Chip
Again, I like a track here and there by Hot Chip, but have never been one to listen to an album in one sitting. Going into the show I expected more of a rock show, but what I got was a dance party. During their live performance their music is so much more energetic, bouncy and fun than on their album. It’s always nice to gain that much more respect for a band after seeing them live, and that was my feeling after this show.
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Aphex Twin
In my mind Aphex Twin is one of the godfathers of electronic music. With an insane resume/discography I went into the show expecting to be blown away, instead I ended up leaving early. The music was nothing that I had heard from Aphex Twin before, and sounded painfully generic. Maybe I went in with too high of expectations, but regardless it was a big let down.

I am convinced that there are some artists/bands that just don’t really work in the Coachella atmosphere. I would say Mum is one of those bands, especially the time of day they played and their order in the lineup. I had just seen Sebastian and Busy P play their sets, and then moving from that into Mum was a difficult transition. Not only that, but I had expected their set to incorporate a much more of an electronic element. I am a big fan of Mum and their electronic, blippy sound, but their set seemed more symphonic than electronic, and truthfully was just pretty boring.

Fatboy Slim
I decided to see Fatboy Slim mostly out of nostalgia than anything else, also the fact that in most parts of the world he is regarded as a god in the dance music scene. To me he mostly came off as a creepy old guy still trying to relive the glory from his last solid album that was released 8 years ago. Maybe that comes off as sounding a bit harsh, but really the only thing that intrigued me about his performance was the enormous LCD screens he was DJing on top of. His performance, actions, facial expressions all seemed contrived and hokey.
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:: Glitch Mob (Including edIT)
:: Sebastian
:: Stars
:: Yelle
:: Does It Offend You, Yeah?


XLR8R Adds Miami to Their Guide

XLR8R's City Guide now has Miami.

Griffin Slap Watches

Remember slap bracelets? Like those, but cooler.

Eboy’s FixPix App For the iPhone

Great puzzle game with graphics by Eboy himself.

XLR8R Atlanta City Guide

XLR8R added ATL to thier city guide. Check it out.



Hooray For Earth – Surrounded By Your Friends (Twin Shadow Remix)

Thursday, October 21st, 2010


Twin Shadow has been making some waves throughout the internets lately. I recently purchased his new album Forget, and I must say I quite like it. I am also really liking this remix he has done for Hooray For Earth, who I had never heard of before this song, but will surely be checking them out after hearing it.

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Muscles – Girl Crazy Go (Muscles Inception Remix)

Monday, October 18th, 2010


The last I heard of Muscles he had quit the music business because of problems with his label Modular. This disappointed me because I love his music. However, I was happy to see that if the rumors were true at the time he has apparently changed his mind. A new EP by Muscles titled Younger & Immature is due out October 29.

Here’s a remix of the first single from the EP ‘Girl Crazy Go’. Check out the music video for the original version here. From the sounds of it Muscles hasn’t lost his musical touch, or his ego.

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Pre-Order Younger & Immature Now


Sleigh Bells – Run the Heart (Bassnectar Remix)

Thursday, October 14th, 2010


Music by Bassnectar isn’t something I would normally post here. For the most part I feel his stuff is for dirty rave hippies, and if you read this blog at all you probably know how I feel about the wobbly bass-heavy Dubstep. That being said this remix done of Sleigh Bells‘ song ‘Run the Heart’ is still bass-heavy, but not completely overboard. It also manages to keep a lot of what makes the original track so good.

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Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette – Hello

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010


Chances are if you spend any amount of time on the internet you have heard ‘Hello’ by Martin Solveig featuring the lovely Dragonette (considering it went number one on Hype Machine). But I couldn’t resist posting this super-fun dance-pop masterpiece. It’s basically impossible not to want to dance to this song. I don’t know a lot about Martin Solveig, but from what I have heard and seen so far I am liking his stuff. Purchase the EP with several remixes on Beatport now.

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Millionyoung – Local Joke (Neon Indian Cover)

Friday, October 1st, 2010


Millionyoung, aka Mike Diaz, is shaping up to be one of my favorite artist of 2010. I really love this cover he has done of Neon Indian’s ‘Local Joke’. He adds his own personality to the song, so much that it sounds as though he could have written it. I am looking forward to a full-length album from him.