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Supreme and Vans Collab


I have never been a super big fan of Vans, but I am really liking this new collaboration between Supreme and Vans. Read more over on Hypebeast.

The Best of Online Boutiques & Shops

The Best of Online Boutiques

Summer is around the corner and I have been looking to switch up my wardrobe a bit for the new season. I thought I might share some of the online boutiques and shops that I frequent for clothing, as well as other shopping for other stuff like travel or gifts. Some of them you probably know of already, but hopefully there’s one or two in this list that you haven’t heard of. Have a peek.


80’s Purple
This is probably my favorite online clothing boutique, and the one I visit most often. They carry many designer brands such as Orisue, Modern Amusement, Cheap Monday, Insight and a lot more.

Tobi is similar to 80’s Purple. A huge selection of both men and women’s clothing, as well as bath supplies, electronics, jewelry, fragrances, hair products, home products and more.

This isn’t a shop or boutique exactly. It is, however, one of the best resources online to find the coolest stuff online to buy.

Zappos probably has a lot of stuff you would have zero interest in. They carry a lot of stuff your Mom, Dad and even Grandma might like. But they also have some really cool and cheap stuff too. If you are looking for a bargain, it’s a good place to check out.

Contrary to Zappos, Oak is not a place to head for bargains. Most of the clothing you will find here is pretty pricey, but if you are looking for some designer clothing that you are not likely to see anyone else wearing check it out.

Upon first look Revolve may seem like a website most of your local club douche visit on the regular. But if you are willing to weed through the shitty brands they do have some good stuff like Ksubi, Beta Unit, GRN Apple Tree, Clae and a bunch more.

Need Supply
This is a clean, simple boutique with a lot of good random stuff for both men and women.


I had dinner with the creators of this shop the other night and they are very cool people. This site gives designers and creatives direct access to buyers, in a very clean and well designed website. Each designer is approved one-by-one so you are guaranteed to find quality goods.

Flight 001
If you are like me a travel a lot then you take pride in your travel gear. You like to be organized, prepared and stylish while traveling and Flight 001 helps you do just that.

Design Public
If we were all rich we would probably shop here instead of Ikea.

A cool place for random gifts and whatnots.

Did I miss some? Let me know and comment below.

PF Flyer – Astor

New IPATH Langston

I’m not sure if it’s because I am getting older, or if that’s the way trends are moving, but either way for the past few years I have really liked very simple shoes. This new sneaker out by IPATH called the Langston falls within that category – simple but stylish. The shoes come in a grey suede or a coffee hemp. Of course hemp is environmentally friendly, but those of you who prefer the suede can also sleep at night knowing they use only leathers sourced from Silver-rated tanneries, factories that adhere to high environmental standards.

Available now for $74.95

New Boxfresh Shoe Line

The UK label Boxfresh known for their awesome threads has released photos of their new shoe line coming out in the second quarter of this year. From the photos provided they all look to be a loafer-style, with thin soles. The model shown above, called the Sipp, is my personal favorite. I love the velcro strap and the large perferated area. Very slick. The line will be available at Coutie when they are released. More photos after the jump.

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Keep Company

Keep Company has a really unique line of shoes. I must say I haven’t seen many other kicks like these, but I really like them. They are apparently designed and made for women, but have quite a strong following of guys that wear them as well. Many of their styles are unisex looking, and I would rock quite a few of them. All of their shoes are “cruelty free’, which I am assuming means they use no animal products in any of their designs. Best of all it looks like almost all of their style are on sale right now, visit their site and check it out.

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Baja VS Vans Giveaway

Want a free pair of the new Vans Dustin Dollin No Skool 2s, or how about a free pair of any new model of Vans you want? Well in celebration of the release of the new ultra realistic Baja: Edge of Control video game the creators, THQ, have teamed up with Vans and TheDopeFiend to give you just that. Baja: Edge Control is an amazingly realistic four-player split screen Baja race simulator that was released September 22nd.

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Zuriick Does It Again

The masters of simple elegance, Zuriick, are back with yet another line of awesome colorways and styles. The line introduces two new styles… the Taylor and the Beata, as well as three new colorways for the classic Ake. I just got back from their warehouse and I had a hard time choosing just a few that I wanted, I wanted them all.

Purchase | Read

Creative Recreation Summer Line

Creative Recreation make shoes unlike any other. They pride themselves in designing shoes that are difficult to categorize. The Orange County based company makes shoes that are neither athletic, dress or street footwear, but a hybrid of influences samples from many categories. I really like the materials, unique design and especially the colorways of the new summer line. The line has great designs for both men and women, as well as designs varying from casual to more semi-formal. Available at Balance Lifestyles, SportieLA and Zappos.

Etnies Plus

The new line out by Etnies called Etnies Plus has got me drooling on my keyboard. It has been a long time since I have seen a pair of Etnies I would consider wearing, but almost every single shoe in this line (both Men and Women’s) are amazing. I particularly like the Rock Steady Hi and the Upsetter. Word on the street is these are very limited edition, if anyone has any info on where to score a pair I would love to know!

Zuriick Fall ‘07

Zuriick’s new Fall/Winter line has been released and it’s about damn time. I have been patiently waiting for some of these new shoe designs for months and they are finally here. The line includes new colorways of the original “Ake”, which I love for its simple but original design. Zuriick’s new line also brings us three entirely new designs including the Jakob (my personal favorite), the Kettle and the Beata. These new styles present some features Zurrick has never had before like laces, high/mid tops and different fabrics. In addition to the new designs Zuriick has made other improvements, making their soles a bit thicker, more durable and stepping-up the quality of their shoes overall. Be sure to check out the new tee designs as well. Head over to Zuriick’s blog to find a retailer near you, or their online store to purchase.

Zuriick – Fine Threads

In many cases, when it comes to design, simplicity is key. Clothing company Zuriick demonstrates this well with their shoe collection that was recently released. I am a minimalist at heart and that’s why I like these so much. The simplicity of these slip-ons, and the careful selection of color schemes is what really makes these shoes stand out to me. Zuriick has also released their fall line of t-shirts as well that is definitely worth a look.

Sneaker Templates by Pigmag

I never cease to be amazed at the underground, cultish sneaker culture. Sneaker-heads are a strange breed. Elite, passionate and sometimes snobby they will pay $500+ for something you put your smelly foot into. And although sometimes I am amazed by their loyalty to the sneaker, I understand it. It’s more than a shoe, it’s art. That’s why I think Pig Magazine’s sneaker templates are such a cool idea. In honor of 30 years of “Air”, these templates allow you to download and Photoshop your own Dunks, Air Maxes and Waffle Racers in any color you like. There is an endless amount of possibilities, now only if you could find a way to make Nike produce your style.

[via Mustache, check out his own gallery.]

Shoe Gazing

These new Nikes are dope, I would like to get my hands on a pair, but I am sure they are going to be outrageously priced. I mean I like my sneaks, but $300.00 for a pair of shoes is a little steep for me. I am amazed at how crazy people get about their sneakers, it’s like an ever-growing cult of sneaker freaks that would give their left arm for a pair of limited edition Addidas Jeremy Scott kicks. For those of you who are already into the whole “foot candy” world I am sure you know about these, but for those wanting to know more about it here are some shoe sites for ya:

:: Hypebeast
:: The Daily Sneaker Blog
:: JB Classics Online
;; Sneaker Pimps
:: Sneaker Freaker

And those are just a few, check ‘em out and jump on the shoe-head bandwagon.


XLR8R Adds Miami to Their Guide

XLR8R's City Guide now has Miami.

Griffin Slap Watches

Remember slap bracelets? Like those, but cooler.

Eboy’s FixPix App For the iPhone

Great puzzle game with graphics by Eboy himself.

XLR8R Atlanta City Guide

XLR8R added ATL to thier city guide. Check it out.



Hooray For Earth – Surrounded By Your Friends (Twin Shadow Remix)

Thursday, October 21st, 2010


Twin Shadow has been making some waves throughout the internets lately. I recently purchased his new album Forget, and I must say I quite like it. I am also really liking this remix he has done for Hooray For Earth, who I had never heard of before this song, but will surely be checking them out after hearing it.

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Muscles – Girl Crazy Go (Muscles Inception Remix)

Monday, October 18th, 2010


The last I heard of Muscles he had quit the music business because of problems with his label Modular. This disappointed me because I love his music. However, I was happy to see that if the rumors were true at the time he has apparently changed his mind. A new EP by Muscles titled Younger & Immature is due out October 29.

Here’s a remix of the first single from the EP ‘Girl Crazy Go’. Check out the music video for the original version here. From the sounds of it Muscles hasn’t lost his musical touch, or his ego.

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Pre-Order Younger & Immature Now


Sleigh Bells – Run the Heart (Bassnectar Remix)

Thursday, October 14th, 2010


Music by Bassnectar isn’t something I would normally post here. For the most part I feel his stuff is for dirty rave hippies, and if you read this blog at all you probably know how I feel about the wobbly bass-heavy Dubstep. That being said this remix done of Sleigh Bells‘ song ‘Run the Heart’ is still bass-heavy, but not completely overboard. It also manages to keep a lot of what makes the original track so good.

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Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette – Hello

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010


Chances are if you spend any amount of time on the internet you have heard ‘Hello’ by Martin Solveig featuring the lovely Dragonette (considering it went number one on Hype Machine). But I couldn’t resist posting this super-fun dance-pop masterpiece. It’s basically impossible not to want to dance to this song. I don’t know a lot about Martin Solveig, but from what I have heard and seen so far I am liking his stuff. Purchase the EP with several remixes on Beatport now.

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Millionyoung – Local Joke (Neon Indian Cover)

Friday, October 1st, 2010


Millionyoung, aka Mike Diaz, is shaping up to be one of my favorite artist of 2010. I really love this cover he has done of Neon Indian’s ‘Local Joke’. He adds his own personality to the song, so much that it sounds as though he could have written it. I am looking forward to a full-length album from him.